Merlin Gerin/Square D STR-68U

ETC-12Q Series vs Merlin Gerin STR-68U

STR-68U Trip Unit aka Control Unit

STR-68U Trip/Control Unit

Do you need a repair or replacement of a Square D/Merlin Gerin/Schneider type STR-68U Protection Unit? ETC-12 has the solution. The STR-68U is obsolete and is known to trip under low load type scenario’s. Fortunately, there is a solution! The ETC-12Q Series Direct Replacement for the STR-68U is a plug and play device manufactured with the purpose of replacing the STR-68U as well as the STR-18MSTR-28DSTR-38S and STR-58U Trip Units.

The ETC-12Q Series – Part Number 382TR69 , is a one-box fits all device in that the ETC-12Q Series will replace a STR-68U control unit on any breaker frame size. The ETC-12Q Series comes standard It is as easy as installing one of the original STR trip units when they were still available from the manufacturer.

The ETC-12 seamlessly plugs in where the STR-68U is removed from and plugs right back into the existing wiring harness. The ETC-12Q Series device uses the breaker’s [Click Here for List of Breakers the STR-68U Trip Unit Was Installed On] existing CT’s to eliminate the need for pesky rating plugs. Instead, through the simplified digital setup menu called the “etd” the operator can seamlessly set the breaker to trip anywhere from 25%-100% of the breaker’s existing CT ratings.

Most importantly, it’s PROVEN to get RID of Nuisance Tripping issues – permanently.

Click Here for ETC-12Q Series Technical Downloads and TCC Curves

Not only can the ETC-12Q Series be set up to replicate the time-current characteristics of any of the STR68U trip units, but it also offers the latest in control, selectivity, and Arc Flash Safety all packed into one, TRUSTED piece of state of the art circuit breaker life extension electronics.

All ETC-12Q Series trip units are capable of providing full LSIG protection and allow the user to defeat any undesired bands. This means greater interchangeability and the ability to do more with less spares.

The ETC-12 also offers features that are simply NOT available on the older STR68U Control units.These features include a remote mountable display with digital three-phase ammeter, flashSAFE arc-flash reducing maintenance mode, MODBUS communications, and more.



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