Replacement Trip Units & Systems


Compare ETC-12 to other manufacturers’ trip units, both obsolete and current models.  Our units are designed to provide rich features and rock-solid performance in mission critical environments, where downtime is not an option.

Choose your current model trip unit:

Quick-Swap Kits

In addition to the above replacement trip unit kits, we also manufacture a number of quick-swap trip units, designed for installation in less than 20 minutes, for these popular solid state trip units:

ETC-12E Series
Replaces Westinghouse Amptector 1, Amptector 1A, Amptector 2A
ETC-12G Series 
Replaces GE RMS-9, MicroVersaTrip, MicroVersaTripPlus, MicroVersaTrip PM**
ETC-12S Series 
Replaces Siemens / Allis Static Trip, Static Trip II, Static Trip III, Carriere FB-600E, Joslyn OptriTrip, OptiTrip II, Utility Relay AC-PRO
ETC-12Q Series
Replaces Square D / Merlin Gerin Masterpact STR-28D, STR-38S, STR-58U, STR-68U
**G-Series can be used to replace the basic LSIG protective functions of a MicroVersaTrip PM. The G-Series is not compatible with the power monitoring features of the MicroVersaTrip PM.