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GE MicroVersaTrip

GE MicroVersaTrip Units

For generations ETC has worked hard to provide its customers with products and services to keep their power system operating safely and reliably. In 1988 it introduced its etc line of solid state retrofit kits. The latest addition to this product line is the ETC-12 which is a low-cost, high quality device that provides the latest in arc-flash safety and is fully reverse compatible with older generation etc trip units.

Not only does ETC beat out the competition, but its main concern has always been ensuring the safety of its customers.  Our goal is to provide complete transparency into the growing list of features and benefits of the ETC-12, so customers can make the best possible decision when choosing a product. The table below highlights the features and benefits of our ETC-12 solid state retrofit kits and compares it against GE’s Micro Versa Trip units. Our word is our guarantee, but proof never hurts

Lead Time

ETC kits are regularly stocked for immediate shipment, but depending on the quantity and vintage of your breaker, lead times may vary. The Micro Versa Trip is obsolete, and no longer supported through GE.


Programmer is adaptable for all breaker frame sizes. Breaker frame / CT rating can be selected through the menu system without the need for ratings plugs. Ratings plugs are required to adapt the Micro Versa Trip to different CT frame sizes and ratings.
Multi-Tapped CT’s are standard. Multi-Tapped CT’s available through special order.
All programmers come equipped with full LSIG functions which can be defeated if not needed. Version with defeatable protection bands is available through special order.
Advanced features such as thermal memory for long-time and ground fault, phase imbalance protection are all standard and can be shut off if not needed. Thermal memory is used for ground fault but this feature is not defeatable. Phase imbalance is available as an option on the advanced MicroVersa Trip PM.
Numerous auxiliary devices are available and can be added at any time to a breaker equipped with an ETC-12. Most of these accessories are available at low cost and only require the addition of an auxiliary cable and a small control module. Examples of available accessories include:

  • Selective Zone interlocks for ground fault and short-time bands.
  • MODBUS communications.
  • Remote Trip device.
  • Latching trip relay.
  • Remote flashSAFE activation.
Some options available through special order.


Back-light LCD display. No backlight.
Audible feedback to indicate keystroke. No audible keystroke indication.
Simultaneous display of all three phases of current plus ground fault current. Displays only one phase at a time.


Standard flashSAFE arc-flash maintenance mode. Arc-flash reduction unavailable.
Remote flashSAFE activation module with lockable toggle is available as an option. Door mount display available but redundant controls are still located inside the cubicle, this leaves the possibility that the door may be opened on an energized breaker.
Standard – remote mountable display that leaves no redundant controls inside breaker cubicle, eliminating any need to open the door on an energized breaker.


Intuitive setup routine with prompts in plain English. All current values shown in setup are displayed both as a percentage and in actual amps. More complicated setup routine that utilizes numerous symbols and abbreviations. Display shows current values only as a percentage.
“View Settings” menu allows the user to review settings without having to enter the setup menu. This feature is unavailable.

Trip Logging

Records and retains trip records for the eight most recent trips. The current on each phase, plus ground fault (if activated) at time of trip is displayed. Only displays most recent trip and shows current only on the phase on which the trip occurred.


Removable display can be placed near the controls of a primary injection test set, allowing one technician to verify pickups and metering accuracy. A second person is needed to verify display values when primary injection testing.
Test Mode which

  1. Precludes the logging of test trips.
  2. Allows test technicians to quickly defeat functions that interfere with their test.
  3. Eliminates the potential for human error by automatically restoring as-found settings.
This feature is unavailable.


Industry-standard MODBUS capability that can be addressed by any building management system or PLC that is capable of addressing a MODBUS device. ETC Provides a complete list of all MODBUS registers so it can be easily integrated into any compatible system. Communications is only available on the advanced MicroVersa Trip PM. The communications system operates on the proprietary GE Power Leader communications bus.


20-year history of providing new generation products that are backwards compatible.
Best in industry, 24/7 support from people who have hands-on breaker experience.
The Micro Versa Trip is obsolete, and no longer supported through GE.
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