Advanced Features and Options

Several accessory modules are available for the ETC-12 retrofit systems. All ETC-12 units are preconfigured to accept these modules so that accessories can be added at any time without the necessity of changing major kit components or updating firmware. The following are brief descriptions of available accessories:

MODBUS Communications:

The ETC-12 communicates on a MODBUS RTU protocol. A comprehensive list of addresses and commands are available from the factory which allows the end-user to easily integrate any ETC-12 equipped breaker into any MMI or SCADA system that can address a MODBUS device.

Latching Relay Contacts:

Provides two sets of NO and NC relay contacts that change state and latch when the breaker trips. The relay is reset by pressing the “clear” button on the display, or by simply closing the breaker on a three phase circuit.

flashSAFE Lockout Box:

Adds the ability to activate flashSAFE by operating a toggle that can be locked in either the ON or OFF position. The lockout box also provides a flashing LED to indicate flashSAFE activation, as well as a set of contacts that indicate flashSAFE status.

Remote Trip Contacts:

Causes a breaker to trip when an external contact closes. This accessory may be employed in load shedding applications or other control applications.

fuseSAFE Upgrade:

Allows non-fused 225A through 1600A frame breakers to be upgraded with fuses without the need to modify the switchgear. under normal conditions, the breaker will trip for low level overloads with fuses clearing only higher magnitude faults. When a fuse opens, the breaker will automatically trip to preclude an open phase condition. fuseSAFE can more than triple the interrupting capacity of a breaker and reduce arc-flash incident energy by 500 times.

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