Safety Features

The ETC-12 is the first tripping system specifically designed around operator safety. Every retrofit kit is supplied with a remote mountable display and a fully functional flashSAFE maintenance mode. These features, coupled with the auto-reset actuator make the ETC-12 an effective choice for NFPA-70E compliance.

Remote Mountable Display:

The remote mountable display that is included with all ETC-12 upgrades can be installed in a safe location outside of the switchgear so that workers no longer need to suit up to view loads, settings and trip history. The backlight displays functions as an accurate 3-phase ammeter with the ability to display ground fault current in real time. Unlike other remote units, the ETC-12 leaves no controls, redundant displays or batteries inside of the cubicle. This and the fact that all ETC-12 upgrades are supplied with mechanical auto-reset actuators eliminates most of the instances where workers would need to open the door on racked-in breakers.

flashSAFE Maintenance Mode:

NFPA-70E states that the amount of destructive heat energy contained in an arc-flash is directly proportional to the time duration of the fault. The built-in flashSAFE feature available on all ETC-12 units can reduce the severity of an arc-flash by reducing the time that the upstream breaker takes to clear the fault. This is achieved by allowing the activation of temporary pick-up points for the instantaneous and / or ground fault bands. These temporary settings can be much lower than the operational pick-ups and can be employed even if these bands are defeated during normal operation. flashSAFE can be activated through the remote mounted etd display, the optional lockout toggle or through the MODBUS interface.

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