ETC-12Q Series: STR Trip Unit Replacement for Masterpact M & MP

The ETC-12Q Series is a Quick Swap, Fully Programmable Plug-In STR Replacement Trip Unit / Protection Unit for Square-D & Merlin Gerin type M & MP Masterpact STR Trip Units.

  • Quick-Swap, Plug-in Replacement for STR-18M, STR-28D, STR-38S, STR-58U and STR-68U Masterpact Trip Units
  • Prevent Nuisance Tripping
  • RMS sensing
  • Adaptable to all frame sizes with no need for ratings plugs
  • LSIG protection with defeatable protection bands
  • Digital display with 3-phase ammeter and detailed trip logging
  • Uses original CT’s and flux trip device

The ETC-12Q is part of ETC Technologies Masterpact Support Extension.  Learn More >

ETC-12Q Series Quick Swap Replacement Technical Downloads & TCC Curves
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