System Features

ETC-12 upgrades are specifically designed for each low voltage air circuit breaker manufactured from the 1930’s to the present. A typical upgrade includes an electronic trip unit with display module, current sensors, automatic reset actuator, wiring harness and any required mounting brackets or copper shunts. While complete systems for each breaker type are available, it is sometimes possible to utilize existing components to reduce e cost. All major components are manufactured in the United States under exacting quality requirements. The following is an overview of the key components used in a typical upgrade.

Electronic Trip Unit and Display:

The ETC-12/etd trip unit is unique because it is constructed as a two-piece design, with a digital breaker control module (the ETC-12) and a breaker display module (the etd). These two modules can be nested together and mounted on the breaker as the functional equivalent of a traditional one-piece trip unit, or the display can be mounted remotely for increased safety and convenience.

Multi-Tapped Current Transformers:

Multi-tapped current transformers are standard with all ETC-12 upgrades. This, coupled with the fact that the trip unit has the widest range of settings of any on the market, make a breaker outfitted with ETC-12 extremely versatile. All upgrades are equipped with full LSIG protection plus phase imbalance and flashSAFE maintenance mode, any of which can be defeated if not needed.

Mechanical Auto-Reset Actuator:

All ETC-12 upgrades include a mechanical automatic reset actuator as a standard feature. These actuators are the best in the industry and do not require an operator to reach near energized bus or even open the cubicle door to reset.

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