FPE (Federal Pacific) Retrofit Kits

ETC-12 stocks circuit breaker retrofit kits for the following Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) power circuit breakers.  ETC-12 FPE kits come complete with our new, full-function solid state trip unit AND all necessary parts to perform a shop or field installation – including an easy to read instruction manual.

25H-1 100H-2
25H-2 100H-3
25H-3 DMB-25
30H-1 DMB-25 NOARK
30H-2 DMB-50
30H-3 DMB-50 NOARK
50H-1 FP-25
50H-2 FP-50
50H-3 FP-75
75H-1 FP-100
75H-2 FPS4
75H-3 FPS-25
100H-1 FPS-50

This is only a partial list.  If you don’t see your manufacturer here, please contact us for our complete listing.

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