Model ETD Display Unit
& User Interface Features


  • Model ETD Remote-mountable display is included with kit pricing.
  • Backlight, four line display allows the user to enter all trip settings and review previous trip data through an intuitive menu structure that utilizes plain English (no codes) with a minimal use of archaic abbreviations.
  • When in set-up mode, pickup points are displayed on the ETD both as a percentage and in actual amps.
  • Display functions as a three-phase RMS ammeter that shows all phase current simultaneously.
  • The ETD display can be configured to show ground fault current in real time.
  • Details from the 8 most recent trips are stored in non-volatile memory. Trip history includes the protection band for which the unit tripped and the current on all three phases plus ground fault (if applicable) at time of trip. The unit also counts and displays on the ETD the number of trips both categorized per trip element and as a total.
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